5 Tips To Keep Your Lungs Healthy


5 Tips To Keep Your Lungs Healthy: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the inability of the lungs to exhale normally causing breathing issues and asthma-like conditions. The major causes of damage to your lungs are the allergies, infection or pollution that leads to respiratory problems too.

The criticality of the lung and its health is evident from the data by a world health organization, which says that more than 3 million people die each year from COPDs, which is equal to 6% of all the deaths worldwide. Among these, more than 90% of the COPDs death occurs in low income and middle-income countries over 235 million people globally suffer from asthma, a common disease in children.

Your lungs are the main organs that filter the air and absorb the most important oxygen in the process supplying it to the blood, which takes it to the other parts of the body. Oxygen plays an important role in the proper functioning of other body organs and critical metabolic activities.

Following are some of the symptoms that determine damage to your lungs or need for care:

  1. Frequent Breathlessness
  2. Pain In The Airway
  3. Persistent Coughing
  4. Dizziness In Change in Activity
  5. Pain When Breathing

Here are 5 tips to keep your lungs healthy:

1. Keep Yourself Away From Smoking-

Cigarette smoking leads to narrowing of air passage leading to difficulty in breathing. Smoking causes chronic bronchitis due to chronic inflammation or swelling in the lungs. The smokers are at 13% higher risk of dying of COPD than non-smokers and even are at very high risk of cancer development. Smoking causes about 90% of death in men and women due to lung cancer. You develop many respiration related problems when you are a chain smoker. Proper breathing and lung capacity is very important for you to lead an overall healthy life.

2. Go In Nature To Have Healthy Lungs-

If you are not taking care of your lungs how can they take care of you? It is important because you are breathing all the time and lungs are responsible for the efficient supply of life-giving oxygen. Inadequate supply of oxygen leads to developing various health problems including the respiratory illness, COPD and many more. Going in nature like parks and forests gives you the fresh supply of unadulterated air, which is of high quality and gives your lungs their fresh dose. Frequent visits to nature and surroundings with trees helps keep your respiration and lungs functioning up to mark.

Lungs Healthy2

3. Protect Your Lungs From Any Infection-

Very small children and older people are at greater risk of infection as they have their less efficient immune system. Similarly, in the absence of proper care, even a normal adult can catch infection very easily. In recent times, there are various reports of global breakouts of respiratory infections. You need to be very careful while traveling in a crowded place and wash your hands properly. Some other ways you can minimize chances of infection is by taking vaccines for influenza, keeping good oral hygiene and use of the mask in the season of respiratory infections outbreaks.

Lungs Healthy

4. Practice Deep Breathing-

Consult any doctor and they will advise you to practice deep breathing if possible to improve overall wellness and health. Deep breathing has many benefits that span from improving the health of your lungs to helping you manage your stress. Diaphragm breathing also has health benefits for other internal organs. Even deep breathing promotes digestive health.

Lungs Healthy

5. Protect From Pollutants To Improve Breathing-

Modern lifestyle means you are spending your maximum time indoors and that means you are at higher exposure to harmful smoke, toxins, and chemicals in homes and office. Even passive smoking is dangerous because it leads to many lungs and other health-related issues. Increasing air pollutions due to burning of fossil fuels make outdoors even more dangerous place to breathe and stay healthy. Among these how can you think about having a healthy lung? Thus, protection from pollutants both indoors and outdoors in very important to keep healthy lungs and maintain their efficient functioning.Lungs Healthy


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