6 Powerful Health Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet Weight loss


6 Powerful Health Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet

6 powerful health benefits: For people who are looking to reduce their weight mostly go for the ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet comprises of high fat and protein diet with low carb in your food. The most significant feature of low carb, the ketogenic diet plan is that it tells your body to switch to a state where it produces and uses a significant amount of ketones. The most common ketones that are produced are acetoacetate (AcAc) and its derivatives beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and acetone.

Brain and other tissues use acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate as the energy source and have many health benefits too. Following are 6 powerful health benefits of ketogenic diet:

1. Has Benefit Into Treatment Of Epilepsy And Other Mental Ailments

As per some studies by Mayo Clinic on children with epilepsy they found a positive impact of ketogenic diet. Even though the exact mechanism is not understood, however, it has shown promising results in overall treatment. Scientists have also found that the ketogenic diet also increases the cognition and enhances the memory among the adults with such impairments. Also, it has been finding effective in all stages of dementia. This diet plan is even effective against Parkinson’s disease.


2. Decrease In The Level Of Inflammation

As per research published into the Nature Medicine, Ketogenic diet has an anti-inflammatory effect with a probable mechanism governed by BHB-mediated inhibition of NLRP3 inflammasome. This very property of ketosis induced origin is useful in diseases like arthritis, acne, psoriasis, and eczema etc which involve inflammation and pain.


3. Helps In Gaining Lean Muscle

The ketogenic diet is high on protein and fat which are very important when you are on a bodybuilding mission and muscle building. This is coupled with heavy workouts that involve using the body muscle and gaining in their mass. BHB has been finding to be associated with the muscle mass gaining.


4. Helps In Weight Loss Without Fasting 

Ketosis leads to utilization of fat and ketones as a source of energy under the limitation of carbohydrate into the body. This leads to faster weight loss especially in the regions of the body with high-fat deposits. Clubbed with proper exercise regime it also helps bring the body into shape.


5. Is Good For Your Heart Health

The low carb ketogenic diet has been finding to even curbs the number of triglycerides into the blood. The high levels of triglycerides as associated with the risks of heart attack, the case of obesity and metabolic syndromes. All these are due to high fat around the waist and high blood pressure. This diet improves the level of good HDL cholesterol into the body leading to a lowering of heart-related risks.


6. Can Be Useful Even In Diabetes 

Among the common day, health issues are diabetes due to high levels of blood sugar and poor activity of insulin. The ketogenic diet has been finding to be effective in lowering the blood sugar levels and insulin levels. Some studies in type 2 diabetes patients showed about 95% reduction into the use of glucose lowering medication in six months time duration.


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