Foods That Can Help Keep Your Cholesterol In Control


6 Foods That Can Help Keep Your Cholesterol In Control

Foods: High levels of cholesterol have many health-related issues right from chances of high blood pressure, angina pain, stroke, and other circulatory ailments.

However, before we jump into anything and talk everything negative about cholesterol let us see why our body needs it. Yes, our body requires cholesterol in a balanced quantity as like any other nutrient:

  1. Cholesterol is required to build the cell membrane.
  2. Cholesterol is part of the hormones like estrogen, testosterone and adrenal hormones.
  3. Helps in the better metabolism in the body
  4. It helps in making of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D etc.

However, just like any other thing, excess of anything is harmful to your body, so is the quantity of cholesterol in it. Moreover, it is possible to keep it in check to remain healthy, just by making the adjustment into the intake of the food you eat. The simple process involves increasing the intake of the food that lowers the LDL and decreasing the consumption of food items that increase the LDL in the body.

Here we bring to you 6 foods that can help you keep your cholesterol levels in control:


This is probably not the most sorts after healthy food in the market but garlic has very important health benefits, especially for the heart. In traditional medicine, garlic finds its application into lowering blood cholesterol and now has shown promise into diabetes too. It prevents the production of cholesterol into the liver and keeps its quantity in check. Other benefits of garlic include boosting the immune system and application into various heart conditions.foods1.JPG


Pectin is an important soluble fiber that even binds to the bad cholesterol and helps in its removal from the body. Even though there are citrus fruits which are rich in pectin into their pulp but that requires eating them, this is not possible in lemon and other citrus fruits. Here, Apple has an upper hand because its skin contains pectin and is easy to eat. Along with it, apple is rich in polyphenols that have antioxidant properties and are good for your heart and overall health.foods2.JPG


Along with pectin, beta-glucans are also soluble fibers present in your oats that lead to its swelling in the liquid. This soluble fiber forms a sticky layer into the small intestine that blocks the cholesterol from entering the bloodstream. While preparing your oatmeal to add the fruits into it that automatically enhances the amount of soluble fiber into the diet. Many dieticians suggest this as a part of daily diet plan for people suffering from heart-related issues.foods3.JPG


Beans are protein-rich and are a source of cholesterol-bursting soluble fiber. They are a great supplement to animal protein sources, which increase even cholesterol levels. This way you are getting the amount of protein your body needs and lower your cholesterol levels. Beans are a good food to have in the form of soups, salads or cooked a meal.foods4.JPG


Your tea contains various polyphenols and flavonoids that have antioxidant properties, protecting against the inflammation. It also contains nicotine, which is an important part of the vitamin B formation. Other two components are catechins that help activate nitric oxide having health benefits like blood pressure control. It also inhibits the cholesterol synthesis; improve blood vessel function and lower inflammation.foods5.JPG


If you want to have good health you must have good foods. Vegetables are must part of that food diet plans. Vegetables are super rich in fiber, which is important for a healthy digestive system and keeping your weight in control. They are also antioxidant-rich and lower in calories. There are many vegetables rich in pectin that is cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, found also in apple and oranges. Some of the pectin rich vegetables are okra, eggplants, etc.foods6.JPG


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