Top 9 Fiber Rich Food Items


Top 9 Fiber Rich Food Items

Top 9 Fiber Rich Food Items: Fiber is carbohydrate, which remains undigested and goes to the gut. It is very beneficial in keeping the digestive system healthy and clean. Its also keeps your hunger in control and helps in weight management. It forms part of the weight loss regime for people with excessive body fat. Fiber forms a jelly-like substance by dissolving into the water.

Dietary fiber has many health benefits like reducing the blood pressure levels, inflammation, keeping in check blood glucose levels and thus beneficial in diabetes. It also lowers the blood cholesterol levels and risk of development of heart disease.

The daily recommendation for intake of dietary fiber for men is 38 grams and for women is 25 grams. However, almost every one of us is falling behind this number.

The food we eat is very critical to ensure the intake of recommended levels of required nutrients and fiber for our body. Keeping that in mind, we have brought the list of top 9 fiber rich food items that will fulfill your daily dietary needs.

Wheat Bran-

One serving of about 58 grams of wheat bran contains about 24.8 grams of fiber that is 99% of the daily requirements. Wheat bran also contains manganese an important mineral for metabolism. As a healthy food, it can be mixed into cooked oatmeals, into smoothies and homemade energy bars.Rich Food1


Along with fiber, the fruit is rich into nutrients like vitamin E, K, and B6. Also contains potassium and folate. Among the health benefits include the reduced risk of metabolic syndrome. One serving size of 150 grams of an avocado provides 10 grams of fiber.Rich Food2


Carrot is a very good food to have. Among the healthy foods, it is in the list of food items rich in vitamin A. It also contains vitamin K, vitamin B6, and magnesium. Many dishes are prepared using carrots and the best part is they can be consumed raw directly or into a salad. It contains 2.8% fiber in them.Rich Food3


It is very rich in protein and a serving of about 192 grams provides 58.6 grams of fiber. People on weight loss diet or bodybuilding plan include this highly protein rich and fiber-rich food Rich Food4

Kidney Beans-

This legume is loaded with plant-based protein and many nutrients. It contains 6.4% fiber. If you are on a mission to reduce your waistline then consuming kidney beans regularly offers a great solution to healthy you.Rich Food5


Health conscious people are now fast adapting to take oatmeal as a regular part of their diet. Oats contain 10.6% fiber in them. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It contains a soluble fiber called oat beta-glucan, which is beneficial to blood sugar and cholesterol levels.Rich Food6


You love eating snacks and cannot resist it. Then the best snack you can take is popcorn. Air popped popcorn is rich in fiber and calories. It contains about 14.5% of fiber.Rich Food7

Chia Seeds-

It is gaining a very fast reputation as healthy food and food for weight loss. Chia seeds are tiny black seeds rich in fiber and make you full quicker. It also helps in the easy bowel movement. The seeds absorb water quickly and expand into the stomach. It contains about 34.4% of the fiber in it. I also contain a high amount of magnesium, phosphorous and calcium.Rich Food8


Artichokes contain a good amount of fiber in them. 100 grams of artichokes has 5 grams of fiber. It has various health benefits, as it is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate. It is also super rich in antioxidants.Rich Food9


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