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6  Ways To Detox Your Skin:

6 Ways To Detox Your Skin: Toxin removal is very important in order to stay healthy. Over accumulation of toxins into the vital body, organs can also be very dangerous especially in the kidney and liver. Thus, detoxification of the body is very critical. Skin plays a crucial role in the process of detoxifying the body through the removal of wastes and impurities, mainly in the form of perspiration. However, any blockage into the skin pores can take away the skin glow. Even the conditions like acne are often the end results of wastes blocking the pores.

A skin detox can help remove the body waste products through the skin and in turn even cleanse the skin of wastes giving it a fresh look. With dust in the urban areas and even the pollution rise, the skin is exposed to many harsh conditions too. This may require external cleansing and in some cases when you have any hormonal imbalance then internal balancing through the diet is very critical to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

The signs that you can keep into your mind that your skin now needs some detoxification are:

  • Extra dryness more than before
  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Oily Skin
  • Shabby look or tone
  • Extra dullness which stays for long

Now, if you find any one of the signs or combination of these symptoms then understand that your skin needs your help and you should go for skin detox. Here are 6 Ways To Detox Your Skin:

Drinking Ample Amount Of Water –

6 Ways To Detox Your Skin: Water is the most crucial solvent in the world. It has a unique property of dissolving almost everything in it. Drinking a good amount of water helps the body to detox itself both inside and out. No matter what the season drink water in good enough quantity. Also, lukewarm water is good as it maintains the body temperature and addition of some lemon naturally promotes digestion. It also boosts the natural detoxification process.


Have A Cleansing Bath –

Bathing is what we do daily and tend to forget how powerful it can be to not only help relax body muscles when tired but also can be used to detox skin too. All you need to do is to add a cup of Epsom salt and a cup of apple cider vinegar to hot water. This combination will draw dirt and other impurities out of skin pores, helping them look and feel fresh. You can also add lavender and sandalwood oil to have a lavish experience.


Go For Exfoliation For Skin Glow-

There are various natural scrubs available in the market for the whole body scrubbing during bath or facial scrubs which help remove the dirt and dead skins from the face. Just remember your skin type and sensitivity you can choose the skin cleansers too.


Go For Dry Brushing-

It is probably the simplest and best method to exfoliate the skin from the entire body. Use the specific brushes which are meant for this job and start from your feet moving upwards in the circular motion. Do this just before the shower or bath. It will not only remove the dead skin but will also improve the blood flow in the body.


Check What Are Your Eating-

Unhealthy eating has a direct effect on the skin. Congesting junk foods comprising of highly oily and fat-containing food with sugar are strict no if you wish to keep your skin glow on. Include fruits and berries in your diet to feel their positive impact on the skin.


Start Exercising And Sweating-

Exercise is the best method to naturally clean your skin as the good amount of exercise leads to sweating which helps cleanse the skin of the impurities. Some aerobic yoga or hot spa can also help detox skin naturally along with various other health benefits.



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