How To Build Immunity – 5 Ways To Build Immunity


Build Immunity To Fight Seasonal Changes

How To Build Immunity: Winter season is knocking with the bit of chill in the air. So do the incidences of seasonal diseases, rise during this time of the year. Most common among these are the cold, flu and allergic respiratory issues. The skin also becomes dry due to cold temperature. Winter season is also related to the decrease into the overall immunity of the individual when compared to the other seasons.

Also, the seasonal changes bring a small shock to the body which leads to seasonal diseases. This is other than the season-specific vector led diseases.

Winter and seasonal changes demand a greater need to boost up your immune system. Just sitting in front of a fireplace does give temporary relief from the hard cold. However, a stronger immune system is a permanent solution to fighting any ailment like lung infection, cold and throat infection that may arise due to change in the season.

Our human body is very adaptive but due to the constant rise in pollution and decreasing quality of lifestyle small changes in the climatic conditions lead to varied health issues.

Here are few tips to naturally build your immune system to sustain any change in the season and also any minor environmental changes around you:

1. Eating To Keep Any Ailment Away-

Build Immunity: Yes, your eating habit does influence the state of your health. There is even a saying ‘you become what you eat’.

This clearly means you cannot just eat anything and at any time. You need to focus on what goes inside your body. All starts with breakfast which should be the most lavish of all the meals in the day. In Asian culture, it is also called the farmer’s breakfast.

As per a research by the Cardiff University in Wales, people who skip breakfast are at higher risk to develop winter illness and also suffer from various other gastrointestinal health issues.

Your breakfast should include ample amount of proteins and carbohydrates which will help the body recover for the need of the sugar. Also, provide your muscles ample energy with proteins to stay healthy.

Further, your day and night meal should contain a balanced amount of nutrients to boost your immunity.

2. Traditional Turmeric Boosting Immunity-

This is the most common spice that is part of virtually every vegetable preparation in India. Also, Ayurveda has described many benefits of turmeric when consumed in different forms. The health benefits range from being antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant etc. when consumed in a small amount with the warm milk it helps reduce body pain and also is a great booster dose for the immune system. In the traditional way, people also consume turmeric with a pinch of salt with lukewarm water in case of throat soreness.


3. Get Your Sleep Right-

With the increasing demand, people are becoming highly insomniac and compromising in the sleep. Which is leading to various mental and other health-related issues. You need not be diseased to be sleep deprived, stress also lead to sleep deprivation. Which again is linke with the depression and similar mental health conditions.


4. Put Supplements Into Your Diet-

If you are unable to access fresh vegetables and fruits which are the rich source of various nutrients and elements into your diet. Ensure you take some supplements not regularly but every now and then in consultation with the dietician or the medical practitioner. Minerals like zinc are very important to fight cold and also zinc supplements are given during diarrhea to reduce its impact on the patient and water loss. Naturally consuming lemon, orange or gooseberry which are rich sources of vitamin c helps build up your immunity too.


5. Exercise Too Builds Your Immunity-

Physical activity improves your blood circulation among various body organs. Also, it flushes out the bacteria into the lungs and blood. It further improves the antibodies produced in the body which enhances the immune system and helps you fight any disease. Adding a few minutes of meditation into the daily routine does wonder to overall health.



Your health is in your very hand and your choices determine how healthy your immune system is to fight any disease. Right from the food you eat which are the natural source of required nutrients or supplements for them are critical to keeping your immune system healthy. This, in turn, keeps you healthy and perform your day to day tasks easier. A strong immunity can be easily achieved by balancing the diet with nutrient-rich food, supplements, and proper exercise.


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