5 Most Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winters


5 Most Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter

Skin Care Tips: Our skin is the outer most protective layer which protects us from the attack of various pathogens and even harsh external environmental conditions. Also, it is among the most sensitive body parts. As a natural process every day, dead skin rubs off from our body renewing it.

However, as the winters arrive so are the skin related issues start to show up. Cold leads to loss of moisture into the skin causing cold dryness, itching in the skin are common and flaked lips etc. The most important reason for increasing skin related issues in present times is not due to season but due to people failing to understand their skin type and the skin care products that they use. On the contrary, there are natural ways to protect and keep the skin healthy.

Let’s take a look at the five most effective Skin Care Tips to combat the common skin problems during the winter season:

Dry Skin Is No More A Problem –

Skin Care Tips: The harsh cold winter winds reduce the humidity in the air which further causes the dryness of the skin. It is more troublesome for people who already have dry skin and the cold weather further causes naturally dry skin to parching. Dry skin is the result due to less sebum production from the gland present on the skin. The skin care can be done by choosing a moisturizer which is extra rich and application of night cream even during the day is a pretty good option. The oil present in the cream helps lock the limited amount of sebum produced to be locked in the skin thereby preventing any issues related to dry skin. Also, increase intake of more water and foods that help retain the moisture in the body.


No More Chapped Skin –

A large amount of time spent outdoors in the bitter cold lead to cracks and chapping of the cheeks. It is a painful combination of dehydration, sun exposure and wind burn causing the chapped skin. You can apply moisturizer, olive oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil etc. Even application of petroleum jelly helps trap the moisture in the skin and prevent the harmful effect of chilling cold.


Say Bye Bye To Oily Skin –

Due to over-cleansing of the oil glands sometimes causes increased secretion of oil to compensate for the loss of oil. Applying gentle humidifiers and hydrating products to the skin help in keeping the balance oil on the surface of the skin. Also, avoid using petroleum jelly and exfoliate your skin of the dead skin from the body. Use oil-free makeup and use tea tree oil which has a good enriching effect on the skin.


Chapped Lips Not Allowed – 

During winter lips get dried and mucosa cracks on the lips. Even the digestive enzymes present in the saliva irritate the lips and water evaporation from the lips due to saliva causes them to crack. Using products which are rich in vitamin A and E are need for healthy skin. Application of lip moisturizing jelly or cream prevents loss of moisture.


Keeping Dandruff In Check

The skin on the head is also very sensitive to the winter cold and loss of moisture causing dandruff. Even we wear hats on the head to protect from the chilling wind that causes more drying of the head skin. This leads to hair loss. Wash the scalp with lukewarm water and exfoliate it with baking soda. Apply coconut oil massage onto the scalp which keeps it soft.



The harsh winter condition causes loss of natural oils, leads to itching, chapping, dehydration due to cold, skin rash and dry hands and feet. Due to constant cold winds, the skin loses its natural glow and flaking of skin. The best solution to fight the cold is to increase the intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables as they are rich into the natural active compounds needed by the body to fight the winter harshness. Use of the supplements or products which protect against any ill effects of the cold wind is beneficial.


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