Top 5 Yoga Poses To Improve Immunity


Top 5 Yoga Poses To Improve Immunity

Top 5 Yoga: Your health is very important in order to fulfill your life’s desires. The immune system is your natural defense mechanism, which protects it against any infectious agents or organisms. The strong immune system ensures strong immunity of the body to fight against the diseases and attack from any pathogen.

Your immune system is a well-knit network of cells and other body parts that work in coordination with each other. On attack by the disease, causing the organism immune system not only fights against them but also develops the memory cells, which can recognize them in case of a future attack. The second attack then witnesses a much stronger defense response from our body due to enhanced immunity.

There are many health and fitness food available in nature, which boost your immunity naturally. However, there are exercises available that are helpful in improved health conditions and remediation of many conditions arising due to illness.

Yoga is an ancient Indian science-based method focusing at physical, mental and spiritual levels. Yoga helps to bring a balance between your key components of health and life. There is a direct association between yoga and the immune system. There are specific yoga poses having the immune system boosting capacity and regular practice ensures you achieve the health you are striving. Here are top 5 yoga poses to improve immunity:

1. Mountain Pose-

In yoga, mountain pose is also known as the mother of all poses as other poses emerge from it. The important thing to keep in mind while performing mountain pose is that you should be an empty stomach. The pose should be held for at least 10-20 seconds with five deep breaths. Since this pose has a regulatory and balancing impact on the digestive system. A healthy digestive system means proper absorption of nutrients from the food that boosts immunity and fitness. This pose improves blood circulation, breathing, and relieves tension leading to refreshment.

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2. Fish Pose-

Your health is a degree measure of your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Practicing fish pose for a period of five breaths or 15 to 30 seconds is beneficial into flushing out instability into your body. The fish pose stimulates the core and digestion. Further regular use of fish pose helps in keeping anxiety, constipation and fatigue level in check. This yoga pose is extremely beneficial in regulating the breathing and stimulating the parathyroid gland.

3. Tree Pose-

This yoga pose is called tree pose because it represents a stable and balanced stance similar to a tree. The best time to practice this yoga is during the morning time in empty stomach. You need to balance yourself holding the pose for at least a minute on each leg, with deep breathing all along. People who are fitness conscious will find this pose very beneficial as it helps into the strengthening of spine and aids into nerve-muscle coordination. It improves your stamina and relaxes the nervous system.

4. Triangle Pose-

If you like stretching while doing exercise then you will love this pose. It is called a triangle as it represents a triangle. It is also one of the best poses for boosting the immunity of a person, with regular practice early in the morning at an empty stomach. For beginners holding on the pose for 30 seconds is good enough to start seeing its positive impact. It improves blood circulation in your body. Also, aids digestion, reduce blood pressure and improves concentration with a balance in the body.

5. Chair Pose-

Has anybody ever told you that sitting can help you improve your immunity and health? Well on the lighter and more scientific mode, chair pose yoga is a very helpful fitness-centric pose with great impact on your body and mind. It is a bit challenging pose, as you will not be sitting on the chair. Practicing the chair pose for 30 to 60 seconds improves your strength, energy, and balance. It stimulates the heart and massages the abdominal organs boosting the health.


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